Mill Creek School Counselor

The School Counselor’s Vision is to empower all students to achieve success in school, home, community and society.

The School Counselor’s Mission is to provide personal/social, career, and academic development in a culturally responsive and caring environment. The School Counselor collaborates with a diverse group of stakeholders including school staff, families, and community partners to support success for all students.

Specific services available through the School Counselor:

* Peer Mediation

* Classroom Guidance

* Individual Counseling

* Group Counseling

* Character Education

* Transition Services

* Conflict Resolution

* Referrals to Outside Agencies

* Advance Program Testing

* ACCESS for ELLs Testing

* Test Result Interpretation

* Testing Information


1. What is the best way to talk with my child’s counselor? A parent should set up an appointment by phone, e-mail, or letter to see their child’s counselor.

2. What is the best way for my child to talk with his or her counselor? The best way is for students to make an appointment with the counselor. If it is an emergency, they should contact a teacher or general office staff member immediately and let him or her know of their need to see the counselor.

Contact information for Mill Creek's School Counselor

Wendy Woodford
Phone  (502) 485-8301

Fax      (502) 485-8524

Email   [email protected]